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About us.

AZ Design Zaretsky Architect

With a particular aesthetic, AZ Design Zaretsky Architect realizes a client’s dream, creating a unique and indulgent environment of luxury homes, in the most coveted places in the world. AZ Design Zaretsky Architect operates with all facets of imagination, professional erudition, innovative technologies, years of experience, established talent and enthusiasm of execution. The result is a plethora of diverse projects beyond the confines of a certain style. Each project is singular and appropriate to a specific site, responding to the requests and personalized objectives of a client.

AZ Design Zaretsky Architect is an architecture firm offering services in architecture, design of interiors, furniture, lighting, and decorating, fully executing a project from the design to construction. AZ was established in New York City in 2000.

The firm has built distinguished homes in the United States, Spain, Russia, France, including the homes of celebrities: Elizabeth Johnson in Trump International Hotel, New York City; Joseyline Wildenstein “Cat Lady” in Trump Hotel United Nations, New York City; Frank Carone house in Mill Basin, NY.

Since 2008, the company AZ Design Zaretsky Architect had completed a number of exclusive homes in Moscow, the environs of Moscow, Russia and in the Cote d’Azure, France.


Architectural design of buildings and structures

Creation of a complete site-specific construction plan, from the creation of an from architectural concept to detailed design.

Architectural design of interiors

Detailed architectural design of interiors, including the design of built-in and free-standing furniture, lighting, sculptures, vases, landscaping.

Project Management

From the customer's assignment to execution and commissioning of the completed facility. including elaboration of the full cost of the project, organization of works with contractors, interaction with the customer.

Material selection

taking into account architectural specifics and operating conditions

Custom Furniture

Custom designed furniture for your home.


Why do you need an architect in the first place?

And that's where the difference lies. You need not just an architect, but a "good" architect who will read your thoughts and suggestions "between the lines", whose imagination, erudition, experience, and, importantly, connections, will work for you to not just build a livable home, but will realize the dream ...
An architect might rephrase a banal doorknob, or come up with a bridge design, or a method of concrete formwork for curved surfaces.
An architect processes information from different sources, filters, adds and brings an idea to its realization. An architect creates a scenario for a person's life in his environment. The most successful ones are: Alvar Aalto Hospital, Calatrava Bridge, Saarinen Airport, Marcel Brewer Museum, Peter Zumthor Spa, Frank Geary Museum, Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe skyscraper, Hans Scharoun concert hall, Luis Baragan's apartment building, Pier Luigi Nervi's structures.

Once the design is agreed, is an architect needed during the construction phase?

Maintenance of the project from the technical task of the customer, at the stage of design and construction is called author's supervision.
Author's supervision is necessary to monitor the implementation of work on the project agreed with the customer. In fact, the architect defends the interests of the customer at the construction site, so that the contractors worked, not as they like, but as agreed in the architectural working project, estimates, specifications and technical schemes. Author's supervision is necessary to coordinate the architectural working design, engineering section projects, detailing of individual products and structures.

What are the stages/stages of architectural design?

The process begins with the client's assignment, which is spelled out in the contract between the architect and the client.
This is followed by a preliminary design, which reflects the main idea of the project in sketches, plans, visualizations, layouts, videos, etc.
As a rule, an agreed conceptual design is asked to be evaluated. Therefore, it is in the preliminary design that the structural concept, construction and finishing materials are developed. At this stage, an aggregated estimate of the project is prepared.
Full information on the dnc of the project is reflected in the working documentation, developed in conjunction with the design engineer, which is submitted to contractors for detailed estimates.

In modern practice, there is a design architect and a project architect. What is the difference?

This distinction indicates that the design architect makes and coordinates the conceptual proposal, while the the project architect performs the working documentation and coordinates with the designers of engineering sections. This approach is effective on projects for large buildings and structures, where more than one architect is involved and a clear hierarchy is built. There is a clear hierarchy of execution according to the agreed preliminary design.